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The year is 116 AH (After Hierophant). A little over a century ago, a massive ancient cosmic being appeared, changing everything. It terrorized the realm, ravaging the landscape, bellowing smoke into the sky and devouring all living things it could find on the surface.

As word of the monstrous creature spread, heroes travelled from far and wide to try to slay or expel the beast. Any who fought failed and were consumed.

The being reigned in terror until one day when for reasons unknown the moon eclipsed the sun and the skies burned with bright purple ether. The creature ignited and fell from the sky, crashing down and dissolving into grey ash which scarred the earth to form the blighted Greylands to the North.

This was the first in an ongoing chain of unexplained events. Strange weather, mutations in plants and animals, and stories of things difficult to explain began cropping up across the land.

Thankfully, many of the adventurers who had travelled from overseas to combat the creature settled across the continent. The adventurous spirit of these immigrants deeply aided the kingdom’s people in the tough years to come.

Over the past decades as people rebuilt, the realm evolved into what it is today: prosperous and rich, yet largely still undiscovered and with a weird founding story that not everyone believes.

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