Yaspera, the Greylands

from Regions.

The bleak northern plains of the Greylands are largely uninhabited due to the impossibility of farming and hunting in the region. Flora and fauna in the region are often mutated due to the cosmic ash dusted across the soil. Pools of tar and frothy ooze are strewn across the bleak landscape. Plant life is sad and shrivelled. Trees ooze with red sap, shrubs are more akin to barbed wire and grass like long needles.

The region is now dotted with alchemist camps. These people’s intentions are largely unknown. Some say that a researcher would have to be crazy to expose themselves to the environment of the area for more than a few hours.

Alas, it seems as though the rest of the world would rather forget that the Greylands exist. Few outsiders choose to enter the region, and it seems that many fewer return.

Points of Interest

Yaspera, the Greylands

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