from Southern Lands.

This is the capital city and the port that connects the continent to the rest of the world. It is the immigration center and the primary shipping hub of the South. Products imported from other countries move through the city and are carried outward in caravans. People who intend to move into the country apply for residency from the capital.

Within the city centre lies the noble district and the castle from which Queen Ashana rules. The council building stands across from the castle proper and is the primary political establishment where decisions are made regarding the finance of the realm. There are many businesses catering to the rich in the noble district including fine clothiers, jewellers, and cafes full of expensive delicacies. Noble residential areas encircle the castle along with the market streets.

The bustling shipping district runs along the waterfront. Workers carry goods from warehouses, while others work on propped up ships to prepare them for sale or travel. Establishments exist in between the noble quarters and the waterfront district providing lodgings and supplies to travellers and the lower class alike.


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